Chappee Rapids 2017 Banquet Keynote Speaker

Mr. George Meyer, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation will have a PowerPoint presentation entitled Changes Ahead for Wisconsin Wildlife. Mr. Meyer is a former Director of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and has worked in the field of Conservation for over 40 years, twenty of those years in senior management. He has

Rare Bird Sighting: Fork-tailed Flycatcher

A very rare bird, a Fork-tailed Flycatcher, from South & Central America was discovered on M35 late Thursday, Nov. 3rd in the afternoon. By Saturday it was still foraging in the bushes along the bay and the word was out and birders from all across lower Michigan, the UP, Wisconsin and Illinois came to see

“State of the Birds” report in for 2014

“State of the Birds” report in for 2014 The latest report on birds put out by Partners on the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative has just been issued with both bad news and good.  Conservation action has resulted in definite gains for some species and their habitats, but many others continue

2015 Peshtigo Christmas Bird Count

Completed on Saturday December 20,2014 15 Observers 459 miles 40 species 5,229 individual birds Canada Goose    16 Mallard    18 Wild Turkey    158 Bald Eagle    8 Cooper’s Hawk    3 Red-shouldered Hawk    1 Red-tailed Hawk    22 Rough-legged Hawk    24 Herring Gull    18 Rock Pigeon    961 Mourning Dove    343 Eastern Screech-Owl    1 Barred Owl    1 Red-headed Woodpecker    2 Red-billied Woodpecker    19 Downy Woodpecker    40 Hairy Woodpecker    23 Northern Flicker    1 Pileated Woodpecker    8 American Kestrel    4 Northern Shrike    3 Blue

WAC Website Launches

The Wisconsin Audubon Council officially launched their all-new WAC website: and their all-new WAC Facebook page! The Wisconsin Audubon Council promotes, fosters and encourages the conservation, preservation and study of all wildlife, plants, soil, water, air and other natural resources for the benefit of nature and society. In furtherance of those goals we work

The 114th Christmas Bird Count Results

Results of the 114th Christmas Bird Count are almost complete online. To get the full count summary, regional summaries, articles from participants, and more delivered right to your inbox, sign up for American Birds online at Audubon has moved the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) results to a digital platform by producing a FREE quarterly